GSA survey to help buyers with updated travel risk guidance

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2 min readAug 10, 2022

UK: Global Secure Accreditation (GSA) has released the findings from a short survey on the updated travel risk guidance ISO 31030.

The ISO 31030 was updated in September last year, a timely renewal given the unprecedented times in the travel sector.

Bob Quick, executive director and founder of GSA, said at the time: “The new ISO standard 31030 will bring much needed clarity to the responsibilities of employers when their staff are travelling on business. Our new course will enable members of an organisation to discover how it applies to their business in a practical and proportionate way.”

Research by the GSA has found that more than half of travel bookers, buyers and managers know little about the new global ISO 31030 travel risk management standard.

The GSA sent out a five minute online a survey to help organisations get to grips with their obligations and responsibilities around the guidance.

The results suggested 53 per cent of travel bookers, buyers and managers still know very little about ISO 31030, with only 16 per cent of buyers admitting they were actively updating their policies to meet the new standard.

The remaining 31 per cent said they knew about ISO 31030 but had yet to make any policy changes.

GSA’s commercial director Lee Whiteing said: “Corporate travel can be one of the most significant risks an organisation faces. Corporates are responsible for their travelling employees from the moment they leave home to the moment they return. Whether it is day-to-day events that impact performance, or crises that can disrupt business and put employees at risk, companies have a duty of care to staff. The publication of ISO 31030 codifies this into a global standard. We developed this survey to make it simple for organisations to get to grips with actions they need to take to be compliant and reduce legal and reputational risk.”

On completion of the survey, respondents will receive feedback and advice from GSA’s team of experts, so that they can begin plugging any gaps in their existing travel management policies and procedures.

GSA said failure to act fast poses serious legal implications and so it is important that organisations begin benchmarking their own policies against it as soon as possible.

To find out how your organisation’s travel management policies and procedures measure against the new standard, and to take the survey, click here.

Earlier this year The Cheval Collection released its survey on travel confidence, which suggested leisure travel had bounced back but business travel had a way to go before it reached pre-pandemic levels.

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