Nestor launches Green Friday initiative for 2021

London-based short-term accommodation company Nestor is building on its longstanding commitment to sustainability in travel with the announcement of its Green Friday campaign for 2021.

The company, which focuses on accommodation catering to holidaymakers to London’s swish west, is offering a discount on its upscale accommodations. The promotion is part of a push to counter the consumptive Black Friday holiday, which pushes excess consumption of short-term perishable goods, in favour of creating sustainable travel memories that will last a lifetime.

In November, a poll by YouGov showed increasing demand for sustainable travel and accommodation options. Through its Green Friday promotion, Nestor aims to reward travellers who choose to stay in any of its eco-friendly hospitality options.

During the Green Friday campaign, Nestor, the company with financial backing from dapper dragons Tej Lalvani and Touker Suleyman from the hit BBC reality show Dragon’s Den, is offering a discount on bookings made between Friday 26 November — Monday 29 November 2021. The discount will apply to every property in Nestor’s portfolio of uniquely designed luxurious accommodations in and around West London.

For the period of the promotion, Nestor will also plant ten trees for every booking made. With the help of its partner, More Trees, Nestor normally plants a tree for every reservation in order to help guests offset their carbon footprint during their stay. It is now increasing that commitment tenfold over the Green Friday weekend.

Nestor CEO Fran Milsom said: “Travellers are increasingly heeding the call to help rescue our planet. Our guests are eager for more ways to reduce their footprint and leave a positive impact on the places they visit.

“Our Green Friday initiative is a small part of a much larger story — that we, our guests and the travel industry are becoming advocates for a green travel economy that benefits rather than disturb the environment we live in and visit. As a company, we’re a short way into our journey to achieve a positive carbon footprint.

“We’ve got some ways to go, but we’ll always place ourselves on the front lines of fighting the climate emergency,” he added.

In addition to reduced accommodation costs, Nestor is also offering discounts codes for two of its eco-friendly partners, Cole & Co. and Who Gives A Crap.

Cole & Co. supplies all of Nestor’s properties with sustainably produced and delivered luxury toiletries. Guests will be able to claim ten per cent off all orders on the company’s website by using a special Nestor code at checkout.

Guests will also be able to get £5 off all products at Who Gives A Crap, a conscientious producer of lavatory paper and tissues produced using bamboo and recycled material. The company shares 50 per cent of its profits to support sanitation and access to clean water in the developing world.

Those interested in taking part in the Green Friday initiative can enter the promo code GREENFRIDAY when making a booking on the Nestor website.

Other Nestor green actions include:

In-house products: A commitment to only working with brands and suppliers who meet Nestor’s ethical and environmental standards of production and delivery. This includes ethically sourced, vegan ingredients, no single-use plastics, and low-impact products delivered via eco-friendly distribution.

Low-operational impact: A low-touch approach to building management helps Nestor thwart a large portion of its carbon footprint. By reducing the number of ground staff, the company reduces daily travel requirements and the carbon emissions that come with it. The company also pays special attention to the sourcing and washing of linen, another key area of focus in the green travel economy.

Paperless service: Nestor uses digital formats to distribute information to guests, such as house manuals, local area guides and digital forms. From booking to checkout, Nestor says it achieves a totally paperless service while maintaining the bespoke welcome and guest experience that customers have come to expect and cherish.

Offsetting emissions through trees: Through its partnership with More Trees, Nestor plants a tree for every booking in order to help guests offset their carbon footprint. As part of its Green Friday promotion, Nestor is increasing that commitment tenfold, planting ten trees for every future booking made between Friday 25 November to Monday 29 November 2021.

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